The Executive Office of Immigration Review (which is responsible for the immigration courts and the Board of Immigration Appeals) has an active Fraud and Abuse Prevention Program (FAPP).

I was excited to learn that since May, 2017 the FAPP has been publishing a semi-regular newsletter about the activities of the program called “The Lookout.”

The Lookout

In September, 2018 I requested all copies of the Lookout and received them (with redactions) today:

Most of these contain at least the following:

  • A “Lookout List” – a list of individuals the agency believes to be of particular concern because they are engaging in fraud or unauthorized practice of law
  • Addresses of concern (commonly seen addresses where unauthorized practice of law is suspected)
  • A list of “Current Scams”
  • Recent Prosecutions, and
  • A list of Immigration Fraud news stories.

Each edition contains a series of links to further information about the work of the FAPP (each of which I’ll now be requesting via FOIA). As far as I can tell the Lookout is published bi-monthly (although they apparently took several months off last winter).