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The attorneys at Hoppock Law Firm, LLC have represented hundreds of immigrants and their families all over the world in immigration court proceedings, BIA appeals, Circuit Court appeals, litigation, and benefit applications before the USCIS. We have years of experience litigating immigration cases in court, before the USCIS, and on appeal all over the United States. We have earned our reputation for being honest, hardworking, and willing to take on difficult cases in the toughest venues. We strive to develop caring relationships with clients built on communication and collaboration and would be glad to talk with you about your immigration matter.


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Why Choose the Attorneys at Hoppock Law Firm?


We have represented clients regularly before the immigration courts, USCIS, the asylum offices, and in federal court all around the United States.


Although outcomes are never guaranteed, we have built a long list of victories in courts around the country, including published decisions Gatimi v. HolderAlphonsus v. Holder, and Tula-Rubio v. Lynch, among others


Sometimes there are better options you haven’t thought of. It starts with asking the right questions. We look for every angle to find the best option for each case.

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In addition to communicating with clients about their specific cases, we try to keep clients and others informed about changes in the law, practical changes at the BIA and immigration courts, political changes that might affect our clients, and Kansas City immigration attorney issues. Here are our most recent posts. You can also read all Blog posts here.