Here’s a helpful tip. The BIA has a stay of removal hotline, which you can call during business hours to get an emergency ruling on your stay of removal motion.  But the BIA’s practice manual lists the wrong number for this hotline.

The number listed in the practice manual, (703) 605-1007), rings to the clerk’s office.  When you call that number, the recorded message tells you to call back during business hours (no matter what time you call).  But if you listen to the options, eventually you can select “stays of deportation,” at which time the recorded message tells you the right phone number to call for the hotline: (703) 306-0093).

Why all the run-around?  A request for an emergency stay of removal is an emergency.  I have this number saved in my cell phone in case of an emergency, but for someone who is not represented by counsel (or by counsel who doesn’t regularly request expedited stays), this is a nightmare.