This is your daily update on the effect the government shutdown is having on BIA operations.

The BIA is apparently still operating, although in a very limited fashion.  I spoke with someone yesterday on the stay of removal line, who is still working.  But at least three things seem to have changed since this whole thing started:

  1. I am hearing from other practitioners that FedEx packages sent to the BIA aren’t being received at the Board (because nobody there can sign for them).  Instead, apparently they’re being re-routed to a facility in Alexandria where someone from the DOJ is coming over to pick them up.
  2. The BIA isn’t cashing checks sent with notices of appeal and motions.  At least, it hasn’t cashed any of mine.
  3. The EOIR continues to update the information on its website about which Immigration Courts are open and which are closed. [As of 2015 that link no longer works]

We will keep updating you when we hear more.  Of course, Congress could solve all of this by passing a budget, but apparently some in Congress have an agenda that out-ranks the business of the Board.