About two months ago I received a document called the “BIA Style Guide” in response to a FOIA request and saw multiple references in the Style Guide to something called the “BIA Webpage” which appeared to be an intranet of sorts, with information for BIA employees on how the agency runs.

Naturally, we requested a complete copy of the BIA Webpage. Although I had to narrow my request a bit, today I received several documents from the BIA’s intranet. From here I’ll be requesting documents listed on the pages we’ve been provided. Here’s what we got:

  1. BIA Webpage Screenshots
  2. BIA Webpage Sitemap
  3. BIA Webpage Paper Color Index
  4. BIA Webpage Chairman’s Memos

The screenshots are interesting. Here’s the opening page:

There is also a list of “Chairman’s Memos” which don’t appear to be previously have been made public. I’ll be requesting them.

Feel free to poke around. I’ll be filing more FOIA requests based on the documents listed in the sitemap.