A package we sent to the new zip code last week via FedEx was delivered two days late.  A package we sent to the old zip code on Friday of last week was received and ready to be picked up on Monday.  Because Monday was a federal holiday, nobody from the Board came and picked up the package until today.  I was told by the person at the FedEx counter on Friday that they would not guarantee delivery if we used the new zip code (not just that they won’t guarantee a certain time, but that they won’t guarantee delivery at all).

Regarding the issue of picking up, I’m told that nobody at the Board is there to receive FedEx packages right now (because of the shut down) so they’re being taken to a facility in Alexandria and someone from the Board is coming to pick them up.

Thankfully none of our BIA filings have been late yet.  There are still same-day couriers who apparently can file in person at the Board if a package isn’t getting there in time.  We’re ready for this fiasco to end, though.