So the problems with the BIA’s new zip code have begun.

The first package we sent to the BIA, received on October 2nd, with the new zip code on the package, was delivered just fine.

But a package I sent yesterday, on October 3rd, using FedEx Priority Overnight, hasn’t been delivered. ¬†FedEx says they won’t deliver the package because 20530 is not a correct zip code for Falls Church, Virginia.

Again, back on September 11, the BIA announced it was changing its zip code and to send packages to this address:

Department of Justice
Executive Office for Immigration Review
5107 Leesburg Pike
Falls Church, VA 20530-0001

It said failure to send packages to this address, with this Zip Code, would result in delays (which might mean your appeal is late).  But now FedEx says that 20530 is a zip code for Washington, D.C., not for Falls Church, Virginia, and that packages to Falls Church, Virginia must have a zip code for Falls Church, Virginia.

Google identifies this as 20530:

That’s the main Department of Justice building in Washington D.C.

So, at least until the BIA advises us further, packages addressed to Falls Church, Virginia with the zip code of 20530 just can’t be delivered (at least not by FedEx).