In September, 2018 the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) started producing this publication called the “EOIR Morning Briefing.” They’re not quite daily and they look like a collection of news stories. But there’s more. 

Rather than just aggregate what the news is saying, these repeatedly include slanted and biased articles from publications like “Breitbart News,” which is otherwise famous for reporting about topics such as “Black Crime.” 

In an October edition, the second article under the heading “Legal News” is an opinion piece from Kris Kobach claiming there is no right to ask for asylum in the United States: 

Kobach is a former Bush administration employee who was too radical to be elected governor of far-right Kansas, with a history of taking political donations from folks aligned with white supremacist groups. He is also wrong; the federal immigration statute plainly gives “any” immigrant the right to at least ask for asylum

This “news aggregation” report regularly has the feel of propaganda, as the agency appears to select news pieces that don’t actually reflect the news of the day but instead a political agenda contrary to the law. 

Another oddity: these “morning briefings” appear to be written by a third party called “TechMIS” which I assume is a contractor. I’ve filed a FOIA request to ask for the contract and invoices. 

Here are the morning briefings: 

2018 Sept EOIR Morning Briefing

2018 Oct EOIR Morning Briefing

2018 Nov EOIR Morning Briefing

2019 Jan EOIR Morning Briefing

2019 Feb EOIR Morning Briefing

2019 Mar EOIR Morning Briefing